THE PARADE 2000-2009

2005: Green collectible ornament. Harley-Davidson raffle. Cable TV show. 2000 riders.

2006: Collectible Parade crystal. Blue ornament. Harley-Davidson raffle. Cable TV show.

2000: Red Hot Wheels collectible toy. 9:30 AM start. New patch. Sante Fe train. Toys for Tots gets an office/warehouse. Harley-Davidson raffle. 12 cable shows. 25,000 riders.

2007: Final meeting at the Stempiens VFW. Black ornament. Special 30th Anniversary pin, patch, crystal, and bell. Click here for a link to a video.

2008: Santo Procenti becomes president of Toys for Tots. Meetings are now at the Summit VFW. Last time The Parade ended at the Marine Corps center. Click here for links to 116 photos.


This website is dedicated to the memory of TFT Parade Member Ed May

who created the first Parade website, with Jack Voss, in 1999.

This format was designed by Sharon Allen, and is now maintained by Jack Voss.

2001: New rockers. St. Joseph bike show. Harley-Davidson raffle. Ceramic bear. Cable TV show. 30,000 riders.

2002: Silver Hot Wheels collectible toy. Special 25th Anniversary pin and license plates. Harley-Davidson raffle. 18,000 riders.

2003: White collectible ornament. St. Joseph bike show. 43,000 riders.


2009: We start a Toys for Tots Facebook page. First time The Parade ends at the Lane Tech and DeVry Campus.





2004: Cooch becomes president of Toys for Tots. Red collectible ornament. Donation tags. Utica trip to help and bring toys to tornado victims. 45,000 riders.

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