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Q1 Did you ride in the Parade?

78(53%) Yes.  
12(08%) Yes, as a passenger.  
10(07%) No, but I watched it from the sidelines. 
19(13%) No. I was a stationary blocker.
27(18%) No. I volunteered for the Parade in another capacity (product sales, front gate, parking ... )  
1(01%) No, I did not ride and I did not watch and I do not know why I'm taking this survey.  

Q2 How long have you been involved with Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

2(01%) I've been here since the beginning. 
11(07%) Over 30 years.  
29(20%) Over 20 years. 
41(28%) Over 10 years.
22(15%) At least 5 years.  
28(19%) A few years.  
14(10%) This was my first Parade!   0(0%) I'm not. I seriously don't know why I'm taking this survey.

Q3 What was the best part of the Parade?

69(14%) The bikes, especially the decorated ones.   41(08%) The weather. 
14(03%) I had a great spot to watch everything.   38(08%) The kids loved it.  
32(06%) Santa and the Elves   54(11%) The camaraderie of seeing old friends. 
51(10%) Meeting new people.   67(14%) Helping to improve the reputation of motorcyclists. 
127(26%) Helping to ensure that every kid in Chicago can get a Christmas.  

Q4 What could use some improvement?

15(07%) Organization in the Dan Ryan Woods  
24(11%) Keeping all of the bikes in line going up Western.   50(22%) Controlling cars trying to cross Western. 
19(08% Some of the attitudes of participants.  
55(25%) More port-a-potties!   16(07%) The lines for product were too long.   20(09%) The weather!   25(11%) Communication.  

Q5 What did you think of this year's product design?

I love it! 75(52%) 5 29(20%) 4 34(24%) 3 3(02%) 2 2(01%) 1 Eh, it's not really my style.

Q6 What did you think of this year's product selections?

You had everything I could ask for. 48(34%) 5 49(35%) 4 38(27%) 3 4(03%) 2 3(02%) 1 You didn't really have anything I wanted.

Q7 How would you rate the security of the Parade?

I felt very safe the entire time. 85(58%) 5 40(27%) 4 12(08%) 3 7(05%) 2 3(02%) 1 There were a few sketchy moments. Q8 How was your overall experience with the Parade?

Loved it. 110(75%) 5 27(18%) 4 9(06%) 3 0(0%) 2 0(0%) 1 I did not enjoy it at all.

Q9 Are you a member of Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

76(52%) Yes! 
23(16%) No, but I'd like more information on how to join.  
47(32%) No.
0(0%) I've never heard of Chicagoland Toys for Tots. I'm just randomly taking this survey because I am bored.

Q10 How involved were you at the Parade this year?

31(09% I cheered on the motorcycles! 
25(08%) I was a stationary blocker.
24(07%) I was a rolling blocker.
30(09%) I helped with parking at the Dan Ryan Woods or at DeVry/Lane Tech.
9(03%) I worked the product tent or something similar. 
75(23%) I rode my bike. 
6(02%) I worked or escorted for Dealer Expo.
5(02%) I went to the Jackyl concert. 
33(10%) I went to a Toys for Tots after-party somewhere. 
5(02%) I helped pack up. 
89(27% )I told all of my friends and family about it.

Q11 OK, here's the important question: Did you donate a toy at the Parade?

41(28%) Yes! 
98(66%) Yes! Several! 
4(03%) Not yet, but I will!
5(03%) No, but I DID donate my time ... 
0(0%) No. Why would I?

Q12 How far did you travel to get to the Parade?

7(05%) It's right in my neighborhood. 
31(21%) Fewer than 10 miles. 
74(50%) 11-30 miles. 
23(16%) 30-60 miles.   8(05%) I'm from Indiana. 
4(03%) I'm from a farther state!  
0(0%) I'm from a different country!

Thanks to all who participated in the surveys.

The surveys were emailed to everyone on our elist and posted on Facebook. Scroll down for the answers to the open-ended questions.


NOTE: All of these comments are verbatim and have not been edited in any way for content, grammar, or language.


Recruited day of run 1989

A friend got me into it.. GREAT Organization!

To help needy children.

It's a great way to provide to children in need, and because I was asked (suggested) to join. And why not! It's fun!

I was a member until the recent theft of funds. There should have been checks and balances in place to have prevented that.Sure is difficult to support such an organization and also to solicit friends for donations. I'll donate my toys directly to the Marines. They'll make sure the toys get to where they need to be.

Join Il. Freedom Run same year as TFT.

It's a great cause with great people on board.

It seemed like a good way to pay it forward for me.When I was a young single mom I did receive help in unexpected ways from people I don't even know. And I have never forgot.

For the kids


Rita Stevenson told me that Toys For Tots was looking for members. I joined in 2009 my husband and I have been Stationary blockers and have worked product at the woods. I loved the fact that we are helping to make a child smile at Christmas time. Seeing all those bikes on Parade Day gives me goosebumps it's awesome ! Can't wait for this years Parade.

I was involved in local efforts coordinated in south suburbs (Alsip, Chicago Ridge, etc.) then I went to mtg 2004 and joined in Tier 1 and for the last five/six years have volunteered as stationary guard. It has been a very rewarding experience.

great cause - great peaple - great organization - retiring this year so i might be able to help more

To help needy kids get something for Christmas.


Getting toys to the kids in need!!! In 2010, there were very few toy drives in my area. I'm so glad that I found CTFTMP and was able to initiate one and have hosted several toy drives ever since. I am so glad to see the increase in toy drives now held on the NW side. I have so many friends ready to help for the next parade!! I love love love working the "Toy Box" (collecting from the donors at the semi truck on parade day).

Thought it was very worthwhile, but then didn't like when "membership" went up. I didn't join to be a club member, I joined to help with Toys for Tots and help a worthwhile cause. I was and still am uncomfortable with lack of accountability and saw too many people taking boxes of toys for their own personal causes. Being a TFT member, as we all know, can be very time consuming and a lot of work - which we do for free. Obviously, if there is $25,000 able to be embezzled, there is enough money coming in from other sources to not milk volunteers for a membership fee.

I am a lonely person and have no friends ,social life, my future looks bleak, I don't play well with others, I have this rash on my lips that just seems to not go away. all these things kind of makes me feel that I would fit right in with most of the folks in the club...... wally g #1719

A friend who is a member got me involved

To help kids and to be part of a great organization.

The kids

I just attend the parade in December

A friend of a friend invited me.

To help children

Every child deserves a toy at Christmas! !!!

Toys for the kids that may otherwise not get anything for Christmas.

Went on a ride with Amialtft 0 and was railroaded into a job. That was almost 30 years ago.

For the children.

It's a great cause that my husband was involved in before I met him. It's an excellent charity!

I first began as a parade participant, then got more involved with the organization when I learned how it was much bigger than just a parade once a year.

Roy Miller

became a member to make a difference.

To help out.

A great program

because...I think what it stands for is ...AWESOME !!!

I used to watch the parade in Dec as it travveled to te Marine Armory... I had volunteered in the past and onc I retired I wanted to use my free time to pay it forward...

I enjoy helping the kids in need. I've been attending Toys for Tots since I was in my mama's belly! 1981 to PresentIts a great cause!

To do something good and help needy children. To meet new people & ride motorcycles.

It's all about doing right...

To help the less fortunate children have a good Christmas . It's a great organization to be a part of and I know they need help.

Friend of Aminal and Fantasy Choppers.

Community service, like the mission of TFT and great way to start off the Christmas season

Hot Dog

I saw a great bunch of people who were interested in helping children have a great Christmas with toys. The motto for the organization is "every child deserve's a toy at Christmas", well I happen to believe that, also !!!!!

To help kids. so many kids don't get anything they deserve to get just because they are kids

working as an volenteer advocate for battered women and witnessed TFT passing out toys to children on xmas and wanted to be a part of TFT

TFT is a great organization. It not only allows me to contribute to a great cause it has given me a great circle of friends who join together with a common goal.For communication I would like to see information regarding some of the side events that we participate in such as hospital vists, family home visits, etc. Those are things I would like to participate in and would love to see information on it allowing general members to participate. I understand the amount of people who can participate is limited but it would be nice to be given an opportunity. Perhaps asking each tier or committee to host specific visits. This would allow more members to get involved.Thanks!

Years ago making the December motorcycle ride a priority

1984 to get every kid a toy for Christmas

Attended a kick-off and signed up.

To help give back to the community.

for toys for tots ride

I did this for the children and when a family member needs help.

It's all about the Kid's !



Helping Children and riding motorcycles.

Because I believe that every child should have a toy or two at Christmas. And I like that tft works all year for poor children and their families... Gene Nevins tft# 1189

For the children

good organization.

Past members & friends. Also to help make sure every child recieves a toy at Christmas

It is a wonderful cause and fun. The best of both worlds.


Through my husband, but once I saw what was being done, I wanted to help any way I could, and continue to assist when I am available. Not always easy.

To help our nation children

Found the ride years ago. Before ryan woods location.

In 1980 or 1981, I was contacted by Animal because he needed police officers, who where Blue Knights, as security and road blockers and I have been doing this job since then.

In honor of my father he was Santa downtown Chicago and he love making children happy always.

A friend

My family has been apart of tft for a long time. My uncle jack wheeler got me into it. I grew up around all of it and it truly feels like a big family..

The children.

rode it back in 1986 joined the following year

Bought a TFT raffle bike and Bob Cooch asked us to join and I'm still here-even though the bike is long gone!

Three reasons. To help kids, to promote motorcycles, and to have fun.


Ur doin a great job, keep it up!!!!!!!

Work harder to help new members feel welcome - Don't scare them away with rah-rah negative points of view or discussion.

The stationary blockers are a little known area that should be developed . As with are Rolling blocker --there need to be tiers = tier leaders. One tier for every 20 to 25 corners, would have 100 blockers per tier. Stationary blocker would appeal to non-motorcycle members--there time would be limited to the run time of the parade. ( One hour before the start--leave once the parade ends.) Development of the stationery blockers would make the Rolling blocker job easier and the parade safer.

educating the meeting attendees to be more courtesous - it starts w/the volunteers who are talking at the row of tables at back of room. they talk and show disrespect and the rest of the room follows their example

tft needs to remember the older members who have gotten us where we are at. you;al tend to forget that. 26 years is a long time

Be more welcoming of newcomers. Sometimes if they don't know anybody -it can be intimidating at meetings. A little elitist and clickish.


just keep up the good work that you do TFT is awesome

Customer service. Keep attitudes away from TFT.

Members need all the information we can get to understand how our organization runs.1) How do we pay for things such as the Picnic and Pig Roast. My guess is our membership dues but not 100% sure and would love to explain to folks who may want to donate $$ that we aren't spending their money for member events. 2) Why do we participate in some events such as Throttle Fest. What is the benefit to the organization for providing parking assistance? My guess is we may get a free booth and the PR gained from the exposure is a benefit to the organization but again not quite sure.Lastly, I think it is important that we don't utilize donated funds for other charities. People donate separately to charities such as the American Cancer Society and when they donate to TFT they do not expect their donations to go to different charities. That is not why they donated or purchased TFT merchandise. All donations and proceeds should stay within the TFT charitable cause.Just some of my opinions and thoughts.

Increase the membership with new members to work at the woods the day of the parade TIER 4 NEEDS NEW HELPERS TO JOIN>>>

We need more members and more involvement by both members and non-members.

at this time i reserve the right to be silent because you one listen to me any way

better media exposures.

Members that volunteer

I do not have the time this morning to address everything

Keep up the great work

What I have seen see o far. You guys arevdoing a great job.! Keep up the great work.

All the gossip about other people,not being truthful in doing their jobs on the board not being trustful when helping on the board ,and lies and drama that goes around instead of being truthful as a board member should be working on having a fantastic organization and not bs they should be only concerned on improvement not who does what and only do what they signed up for so they can do more to have a great way to help give to the kids

Get rid of thieves. Hold thieves responsible. (Sorry, but it was more than one person stealing from CTFT, not just the Lisciandrello family)Let people speak their mind & Not take it as a personal attack! We Can't always agree. Background checks on board members, mainly the President, Treasurer, Product Cord., all those who handle money regularly, and so on...Get Rid of Stars and Stripes. Mark G. made a fortune off us and IMFR, and etc. OR.... Allow an open competitive market. You may get a better deal. Hell, you may even get some Made in USA product. It is out there. STOP Blowing smoke up our asses! We know. Many of us have been around the block a few times. Bullshiting, cover-ups, sandbagging, blowing people off, gag orders, and etc. all lead to a bad rap and death of organization! ! Makes it obvious you have something to hide! Makes you look like a coward too. Do your job. No one held a gun to your head and said run for a board position! You did it on your own! We, or some of us trust/ed you and elected you in.Keep accounts on toy boxes, the who, what, when, where, and how. Otherwise, you attract thieves like usual. WE, CTFT, NEED IMPROVEMENT. IF WE DON'T IMPROVE AND GET MORE MEMBERS, WE'LL CONTINUE TO DIE OFF LIKE WE HAVE BEEN FOR THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS!

Communication, need new young people, new ideas that will be taken into consideration, lose the reputation of being an "old mans club" Stop hearing from the elders "that's the way we have always done it" Please join this century!

They need new members

More new members

need to attract younger people

I think things are great! :)


Move forward and stop looking backward.

Q1 How often would you like to receive emails from Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

28(29%) Once a week.
(Filter) 33(35%) Once a month.
(Filter) 34(36%) Only when there is something that I really need to know.

Q2 Which emails are most important to you?

55(21%) Death and injury notices.
(Filter) 47(18%) Meeting recaps.
(Filter) 75(29%) Upcoming events.
(Filter) 85(32%) Chicagoland Toys for Tots news.

Q3 Have you visited the website, this year?

21(22%) Yes, once.
(Filter) 42(43%) Yes, and I've checked back in a few times to see announcements and updates.
(Filter) 20(21%) Yes, and I frequently check back in to see announcements and updates.
(Filter) 14(14%) No.

Q4 What is the best way for us to get information to you?

12(09%) The website:
(Filter) 77(57%) Emails.
(Filter) 31(23%) Facebook.
(Filter) 16(12%) Mailed postcards and letters.

Q5 Do you intend on attending the TFT Picnic and Pig Roast on July 27th?

26(27%) Yes.
(Filter) 17(17%) No.
(Filter) 44(45%) I don't know yet.
(Filter) 11(11%) I hadn't heard about it.

Q6 Do you intend on attending the Kickoff Party on September 20th?

55(56%) Yes.
(Filter) 15(15%) No.
(Filter) 28(29%) I don't know yet.

Q7 Which committees would you consider joining?

4(03%) Fundraising Committee
(Filter) 25(19%) Toy Committee
(Filter) 4(03%) Bylaws Committee
(Filter) 11(08%) North Side Coordinating Committee
(Filter) 5(04%) Public Relations Committee
(Filter) 14(11%) Security Committee
(Filter) 8(06%) Product Committee
(Filter) 15(11%) Tier Committee
(Filter) 9(07%) Awards Committee
(Filter) 36(27%) I'm not interested in joining a committee this year.

Q8 How long have you been a member of Toys for Tots?

2(02%) Over 30 years.
(Filter) 14(15%) 21-30 years.
(Filter) 22(23%) 11-20 years.
(Filter) 27(28%) 5-10 years.
(Filter) 13(14%) Less than 5 years.
(Filter) 12(13%) I'm not a member, but I would like to join.
(Filter) 6(06%) I'm not interesting in joining TFT at this time.

Q9 How old are you?

9(09%) 65+
(Filter) 40(41%) 55-64
(Filter) 31(32%) 45-54
(Filter) 11(11%) 35-44
(Filter) 6(06%) 25-34
(Filter) 0(0%) 18-24

Q10 Why did you get involved with Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

75(77%) Answer Provided


Q1 How did you hear about Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

45(87%) A friend or family member.
1(02%) Newspaper articles.
1(02%) Facebook.
(Filter) 2(04%) Another Internet site.
(Filter) 3(06%) Flyers or posters.

Q2 Do you know someone, personally, who was helped by Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

9(16%) Yes, me.
Filter) 5(09%) Yes, a family member.
(Filter) 22(39%) Yes, a friend.
(Filter) 21(37%) No.
Q3 Are you a member of any other non-profit charities?

32(62%) Yes.
(Filter) 20(38%) No.

Q4 Do you ride a motorcycle?

35(66%) Yes.
(Filter) 7(13%) Yes, as a passenger.
(Filter) 6(11%) No, but I used to.
(Filter) 5(09%) No.

Q5 What is your gender?

31(61%) Male
(Filter) 20(39%) Female

Q6 What is your race/ethnicity?

41(84%) Caucasian
(Filter) 0(0%) African American
4(08%) Hispanic/Latino
(Filter) 1(02%) Asian
(Filter) 1(02%) Native American
(Filter) 0(0%) Pacific Islander
2(04%) Other

Q7 What do you do for a living?

11(18%) Skilled trades
(Filter) 6(10%) Service industry
(Filter) 9(15%) Professional
(Filter) 5(08%) Management
(Filter) 3(05%) Police/Firefighter/EMT
(Filter) 0(0%) Military
7(11%) Education
(Filter) 1(02%) Student
(Filter) 3(05%) Unemployed
(Filter) 8(13%) Retired
(Filter) 8(13%) Other:

Q8 How would you rate Chicagoland Toys for Tots this year in terms of communication?

Extremely Satisfied. I've been kept in the loop about news and events.
24(47%) 5
(Filter) 17(33%) 4
(Filter) 6(12%) 3
(Filter) 0(0%) 2
4(08%) 1
Extremely Dissatisfied. What is Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

Q9 How would you rate Chicagoland Toys for Tots this year in terms of opportunities to get involved?

Extremely Satisfied. Other members have invited me to events or have encouraged me to volunteer.
26(50%) 5
(Filter) 13(25%) 4
(Filter) 9(17%) 3
(Filter) 1(02%) 2
(Filter) 3(06%) 1
Extremely Dissatisfied. I want to help but I don't know how to or no one is letting me get involved.

Q10 How positive is your overall impression of Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

Extremely Satisfied. Chicagoland Toys for Tots is organized and effective, and making strides to get even better.
35(67%) 5
(Filter) 9(17%) 4
(Filter) 4(08%) 3
(Filter) 1(02%) 2
(Filter) 3(06%) 1
Extremely Dissatisfied. Chicagoland Toys for Tots has major problems that no one is attempting to address.

Q11 What are your favorite parts of Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

37(18%) The Parade.
(Filter) 17(08%) The general meetings.
(Filter) 21(10%) The special meetings, like the Kickoff Party and the Marine Corps Birthday Party.
(Filter) 10(05%) Other events where we have booths, like IMS or Throttle Fest.
(Filter) 15(07%) Working with a committee.
(Filter) 30(15%) Friendship and camaraderie.
(Filter) 38(19%) Helping kids.
(Filter) 33(16%) Doing something positive for the reputation of motorcyclists.

Q12 What do you think Chicagoland Toys for Tots needs to improve the most?

27(52%) Answer Provided

Q13 Are you a member of Chicagoland Toys for Tots?

40(77%) Yes.
(Filter) 9(17%) No.
(Filter) 3(06%) No, but I'd like to become one.